Tasty TwEats is an e-cookbook inspired by Twitterers from #TNI (Travelers Night In).  For a complete description of #TNI, please visit http://www.zipsetgo.com/travelers-night.

The inspiration for this cookbook came from the April 29 event, Travel Foodies.  One of the questions during #TNI was ‘What have you learned to make that you ate while traveling?’ (may not be verbatim).  Drool-inducing dishes streamed through Twitter while recipes were being requested.  @StarfishTravel suggested a cookbook, @AllTravelSites suggested proceeds go to a charity, one week later, Tasty TwEats is in the works!

The e-book will be 5×8 (PDF file) & available for a $10 donation when completed.  Recipe contributors can also chose to have a 1/4 page ‘ad’ with their logo & information for $25.  Recipe contributions will include your Twitter @Name.  Send a recipe that you learned while traveling, a family recipe or a recipe of your own creation to TNIcookbook@gmail.com.  Photos of your dish are optional.  Deadline for recipes is June 30, 2010 or 100 recipes, whichever comes first.

We expect to have the book available by Aug. 1 on a private webpage hosted by Planeterra (www.planeterra.org).   There will be an option to choose one of Planeterra’s programs to donate to.  100% of your donation will go to your choice & Planeterra will also match 100%.

Our goal is to generate a total donation of $10,000.  Please help by tweeting, re-tweeting  & spreading the word about the TNI e-cookbook.  We prefer to give to a sustainable organization that helps educate people in other countries how to provide for themselves rather than just give food.  Questions or suggestions?  Please send a message to Jodi @StarfishTravel or Stephanie @TravelDesigned on Twitter.