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The #TNI charity cookbook is finally ready & available!

Thank you to everyone who contributed recipes, this wouldn’t have been possible without you!


Tasty TwEats is still in progress.  Due to an unforeseen large amount of work that’s come my way, I’m short on spare time putting it together.  It IS coming along & hope to have it completed very soon.  I know many tweeps are anxious to see the final outcome & download a copy.  Thanks for your patience!

Jodi @StarfishTravel

Recipes can be sent in through Sunday, July 4.  We want to give some bloggers a couple extra days to get their recipes in since they were out of town at #TBEX.  Please remember to include your Twitter @name with your recipe, it gets published in the book.


Have you ever wondered how the French seem to always make their croissants just right, or exactly what Italians do to make their sauces so mouth-watering wonderful? Can you identify all the spices in an authentic Moroccan dish, or pick out the seasonings that make a Midwest barbecue famous? If you’ve ever wondered how the flavors of the world converge, Tasty TwEats is for you.

The first and only cookbook created by travelers and conceived from #TNI (Travelers Night In, a weekly Thursday travel conversation on Twitter at 3:30 EDT), Tasty TwEats is a mash-up of all the best food and recipes from around the world, as tried and tested by those who’ve traveled far on an empty stomach.

But of course, we haven’t been everywhere… so we’re relying on you to contribute some of your favorite recipes. All submissions are completely voluntary and no money is exchanged between writers.

Tasty TwEats is a travel book, after all, so we’re proud to feature some of our favorite travel companies from around the world in our cookbook. If you want to sponsor a part of Tasty TwEats, let us know! A minimum $25 donation is required for a 1/4-page ad on your 5×8 recipe page. 100% of all sponsorship or donation dollars to Tasty TwEats goes directly to Planeterra, a global grassroots organization donating to the people and communities around the world. You can choose how your donation is used, either by selecting a a specific project or submitting to a non-profit with the greatest need. There are over 30 project to choose from and all donations are matched 100%, which means if you donate $50, your charity is going to get $100.

The cookbook will be available Aug. 1 for a minimum $10 donation.

Thanks to Melanie Nayer @chic_travel for donating her time and writing for this post. Hugs to you, Melanie!

A big thank you to everyone in Twitterworld who contributed a recipe for the #TNI cookbook so far.  We have around 40 recipes, goal is to have 100.  If you just found out about it, please be sure to read the ‘About’ link at the top to get all the details about the book.

Proceeds from the TNI cookbook will go to Planeterra, by GAP Adventures.  You can learn about Planeterra & their sustainable worldwide programs at  Planeterra will use 100% of the proceeds to fund a program of the donator’s choice.  They will also match 100% of all donations.   This was an extremely appealing feature of Planeterra & the main reason for choosing them.

This will be no ordinary cookbook from the looks of some of the recipes being submitted from around the world.  The title, ‘Tasty TwEats’ is very suitable!  Tweeters can contribute more than one recipe.  The deadline is June 30 or 100 recipes, whichever comes first.   We would like to have the e-book available by Aug. 1.

Jodi @StarfishTravel

Please pardon the appearance, we’re just getting started with this blog.  =)